July, 2015

The Vegetarian Myth

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Looking at both sides of the vegetarian issue Dr. J interviews Lierre Keith. She is a writer, small farmer, and LierrePortraitradical feminist activist. She is the author of two novels, as well as a work of nonfiction, The Vegetarian Myth: Food, Justice, and Sustainability (PM Press, 2009), which has been called “the most important ecological book of this generation.”

Keith is also coauthor, with Derrick Jensen and Aric McBay, of Deep Green Resistance: Strategy to Save the Planet (Seven Stories Press, 2011). She’s been arrested six times for acts of political resistance.

Keith offers a unique look at the sustainability of our planet and shares insights into the viability of a universal vegetarian society. Is it as good for us as we are lead to believe?

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Learn more at http://www.lierrekeith.com/book-ex_the-vegetarian-myth.php

What’s Going on Inside Your Gut

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bw-tvFascinating interview: Brenda Watson, the author of New York Times bestselling The Fiber 35 Diet as well as many other popular health guides. The "Diva of Digestion's" knowledge is surpassed only by her enthusiasm and mission to help people through awareness and education. Brenda's high-energy, no-nonsense approach to bodily functions and health has made her one of today's most popular health experts. Listen to her share her insights with Dr. J.

So many of us are suffering every day with problems like fatigue, poor digestion, weight gain, anxiety, joint issues and more, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The basis of a healthy body is a healthy digestive system. Brenda explains about what’s going on inside your gut and how it relates to chronic conditions around the body.  You will come to realize that the first step to resolving chronic health issues is to direct attention and care to the digestive system.

Brenda offers the listener the remedy to getting and keeping the digestive system healthy. She speaks about the importance of beneficial bacteria, omega oils, fiber and enzymes in relation to the repair and replenishment of health.

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For more information on Brenda Watson brendawatson.com • 1-800-830-4778

All throughout March! Watch Brenda in her newest special Skinny Gut, Vibrant You on PBS to learn the secret to permanent weight loss—and why it starts in your gut.  What’s going on inside your gut?  Check local listings.