January, 2016

Welcome! Rejenesis’ Newest Addition: OMAPREM

Posted on: January 15th, 2016 by Acara-Admin-01


Rejenesis has always been committed to youthful aging from it’s very start. This means looking and feeling our best from every angle. One of my goals is to try and make you the first to know about cutting edge treatments that can help you obtain this goal. I also have to practice what I preach by trying them out on myself first!

This time I found a POWERFUL supplement unlike any I have come across so far.

This supplement is a PERNA CANALICULUS lipid complex called OMAPREM. In laymans terms it is Omega-3 from Green Lipped Mussels grown in New Zealand. It is a natural ANTI-INFLAMMATORY shown to be much more affective than standard fish oil. Since the name of the game in aging youthfully is reducing CHRONIC INFLAMMATION, this supplement only makes sense!

As I always say, “it’s a piece of the puzzle.” There are real evidence based studies to back it up as well. Some of these studies show that it may reduce symptoms of ARTHRITIS, CHRONIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASES, DYSMENORRHEA, ASTHMA, and ALLERGIES.

All I know is that I took it and my feet discomfort dramatically improved. I also strained my back recently. I took OMAPREM instead of over the counter drugs and within a couple of days I was completely better. With no known side effects this is a “no brainer” in my opinion. If you would like to learn more, please go to http://www.omaprem.com. If you message us we will attempt to send you the abstracts of the studies for your review.

Have a great day!

Dr. J