Avoiding Joint Replacement

How to Avoid a Knee Replacement

Posted on: June 14th, 2015 by Acara-Admin-01

How to avoid a knee replacement.  I want to share with you the story of my mother’s husband, Bob.  Last year I visited my mom and Bob in upstate New York where they spent the entire summer camping.  They are both retired and trying to enjoy life to the fullest.  One day Bob and I decided to go hiking up a beautiful hill that gave an amazing view of the land and lakes.   I had always known that he had arthritis in his knees, but I didn’t know how bad they were.  Of course it was a long and painful journey since he had to stop often, bending over in pain.

 That summer proved to be his worst camping experience since he spent most of the time sitting in the camper instead of enjoying nature.  After they returned home in the fall, he decided to sell the RV and end the summer camping trips.  He was now taking pain pills regularly and would wake up every night with knee pain after the pills would wear off.  Bob had BONE ON BONE ARTHRITIS.  Since Bob’s life was shrinking he had to make a decision whether to have a knee replacement or to seek out an alternative treatment.  He chose to try CELL THERAPY!

CELL THERAPY is a cutting edge treatment that safely takes a person's own cells to help heal and regenerate damaged joints.   The treatment took less than 4 hours and was virtually pain free.  He was able to walk out of the facility and resume his life.   Within 3 days his knees were pain free!  He is now able to play with his dog, go on long walks, avoid pain pills, and even showed his brother in law that he could jog for the first time in years!  He has routine follow ups and with his new dietary modifications his prognosis very promising.

 If you are searching for answers to your knee pain, then find out for yourself how REJENESIS Med Spa can help you.  Call 844-735-3637 or simply send us a message.

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Dr. J