The Quickest Way to Look Years Younger

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by Acara-Admin-01


I’ve decided to write you to share all of the tips I’ve learned over the years to look 5, 10 even 15 years younger, including the quickest way to look years younger! However, what I found is that there is much more than meets the eye if someone really wants to turn back the clock of time effectively.  I recently had one treatment that dramatically made me look better instantly and my confidence skyrocketed! (At least you know I take my own medicine). I was able to accomplish this because I understand one of the biggest secrets to looking younger is something called VOLUME.

You see, in the olden days, which was only a few years ago, people believed our problem when it comes to aging is our skin elasticity.  So naturally, when someone would want to look younger dramatically, the first thing they thought they needed was a facelift!  Well, can I tell you that the world is changing fast, and that is simply an outdated idea. The real key to looking dramatically younger faster is to restore the VOLUME that we are losing everyday, let’s say from the age of 20 or so.   It’s almost like our faces are like a balloon that is losing air. How do we fix it? Simply, fill it up with air!

So here is where I’m going to get scientific on you.  Our faces are not filled with air. We have multiple structures that create our VOLUME that all need to be addressed. You see, when we are aging lots of our anatomy is shrinking. Our skulls are retracting causing our cheek bones to shrink and our eye orbits (sockets) deepen.  Above that we have fat pads that diminish.  Above that our facial muscles even start to get smaller.  Above that our collagen starts breaking down. I realize this is exciting news…jk. Basically, we are losing over all about 1 teaspoon of VOLUME every year.

So here’s what I did. I got treated with a box of BELLAFILL.  All of my facial anatomy I just mentioned was addressed.   Instantly, the circles under my eyes were gone!  My deflated cheeks that made me look tired were gone!  My face became lifted and my jaw line became straighter!  I was able to go to work immediately after and I couldn’t stop staring at my youthful appearance!  I received compliments about how refreshed I looked!  Plus I know that a part of this filler will stay with me and won’t age!

I could go on and on about how this is done.  However, if you want to look younger fast, the easiest way to learn more is set up a free consultation at a REJENESIS Med Spa location immediately!

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Yours truly,
Dr. J

Disclaimer:  This information is meant for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice.