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Growing Younger from the Inside Out

Posted on: June 24th, 2015 by Acara-Admin-01

Growing younger from the inside out.  About 4 years ago I attended a lecture north of Chicago about the toxicity of our environment.  Besides being terrified by my new understanding of this growing problem, I was also intrigued about the mention of a scientist named Dr. Bill Andrews.  Dr. Bill Andrews is a man who has dedicated his life to discovering a “cure” for aging.   Naturally, I quickly wanted to learn more!

Bill AndrewsA couple years later I had the privilege to have a conversation with Dr. Andrews.  He explained to me that we are aging because every time our cells replicate, little coils at the ends of our chromosomes called TELOMERES are shortening.   When those TELOMERES get too short bad things happen, including death.   In other words, no matter how healthy we are, we are programmed to only survive only up to about 120 years.   What I didn’t know is that they had already figured out a way to slow down or even stop this process.  The way to stop the process of TELOMERE shortening is to “turn on” an enzyme called TELOMERASE. Literally causing people to grow younger. Dr. Andrews was a part of this new discovery and he considers this to be the greatest discovery of mankind!

Since this realization, I naturally started taking the only supplement I was aware of that’s “turns on” TELOMERASE.  This supplement is called PRODUCT B.  I started taking it immediately when it first became available.  Since then, as they continue to test and refine the ingredients, which are all natural, it has become even more potent.  There is another supplement shown to stimulate TELOMERASE, and that one is called TA-65.   I now take both, and I am so excited to see what is possible for my own youthful aging!

If you would like to learn more about this amazing discovery feel free to contact REJENESIS Med Spa at 844-735-3637.

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Dr. J

Disclaimer:  This information is meant for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be interpreted as medical advice.