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Living in the SuperMind

Posted on: October 20th, 2015 by Acara-Admin-01

From Personal to the Spiritual Mind: An interview by Dr. J with Dr. Maurie Pressman. After a visit to California, Dr. Maurie Pressman, steeped in a traditional practice of psychiatry and psychoanalysis, was exposed to a session of rapid breath work and powerful music. In that moment, he was transported to an altered state of consciousness. The episode transformed his life and his work. He moved from traditional practice to embark on a journey for The Higher Mind.

His two books, "Visions from the Soul" and "Living in the SuperMind" embody his transformation. With a mission to help people to know themselves deeply and to grow into the high regions of power and soul expression, Dr. Pressman guides us to release what is hidden to most. In Living in the SuperMind, he shares his treasure trove of experiences from his vast expertise in psychoanalytic,dynamic psychotherapy, coupled with his explorations of mind transcendence.

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Maurie D. Pressman, M.D. is the Medical Director and Founder of the Pressman Center for Mind/Body Wellness, with offices in Philadelphia. This is a clinic which focuses on spiritual psychotherapy and the exploration of the human soul.   Contact Dr. Pressman at