Regenerative Hair Restoration

Are you suffering from thinning hair or simply wish you had thicker hair? Rejenesis has a natural solution for you! Regenerative Hair Restoration is a treatment that uses the bodies own platelet rich plasma in order to help stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss from male and female pattern baldness.

Regenerative Hair Restoration is a simple one hour procedure with no downtime. First a patient's blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge. This will separate the red cells from the plasma which is rich in platelets. Then this platelet rich plasma is injected under local anesthesia directly into the scalp while the surface of scalp is microneedled. Theoretically, the microneedling stimulates the bodies natural healing mechanism while the platelet's release a cocktail of growth factors that cause hair to go into it's growth phase while also enhancing circulation and blood flow to nourish the hair follicles.

Studies demonstrate that even small hairs (miniaturized hair) can become thicker and longer even after a year from a treatment. Regenerative Hair Restoration can also be effective for Alopecia Areata. Usually 3-6 treatments on a monthly basis is recommended. Rejenesis provides actual patient testimonials who have had their lives changed from this remarkable procedure.

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ReJenesis now offers a revolutionary natural therapy for male and female pattern baldness called Regenerative Hair Restoration.

Whether you want to reverse mother nature or simply have a fuller luscious head of hair, ReJenesis has a solution for you!


Here's how it works:

First set up your free consultation. If you qualify, a treatment plan may consist of Microneedling in combination with Platelet Rich Plasma injected into the scalp. This will help release growth factors that cause hair follicles to enlarge and grow thicker hair.

Next, use the Revivogen MD kit. Revivogen MD can be rubbed on the scalp and has a blend of natural fatty acids that have been proven to block DHT (Di-Hydrotestosterone), the cause of male and female pattern baldness, within the hair follicle resulting in thicker fuller hair!